Oreo Vanilla Cupcakes

I feel like this is a cheat of a recipe since what I did was simply to dump some crushed Oreo cookies into my favourite Vanilla Cupcake recipe and then made the frosting by dumping some more of those crushed Oreos into the Swiss Meringue Buttercream Frosting recipe but still… it was a project so it deserves a post 😛

See, this blog also serves as my own recipe book/reference so I can remember what recipes I use and what I did wrong or what I tweaked.

These liners were cheap and I loved the fuchsia colour but they were too flimsy and too often got stuck onto the cupcakes
The batter
Crushed Oreos in the vanilla cupcake batter
Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous fluffy buttercream
Can’t get enough of it. Like liquid marshmallow, which I guess it sort of is
Crushed Oreos go into the buttercream. Was a bit worried here if the whole thing would collapse on me but it didn’t
The final product!


The verdict: Lovely combo of vanilla cupcakes and Oreos although I thought it had a tinge of bitterness probably from my baking soda? Advice: Don’t buy cheap liners!


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