Banana Muffins with Nutella Swirls

When I was in uni, a dynamo of a classmate of mine, Claire McTiernan, gave me her ever-so-simple recipe for banana bread. It was fantastic. Simple and always a hit. Everybody fought for the crust. I’ve lost it or it may be somewhere in my recipe book (remember those times before iPads?).

I decided to revisit the humble banana bread but add a little twist to it and I chanced upon this recipe at The Novice Chef.

They didn’t have any over ripe bananas. Just these lovely bright yellow ones


So I followed a tip about putting them in the oven for 15 minutes. Fifteen, not 30 like what I did and ended up with cooked bananas




Anyway, in goes the brown and white sugar, oil and vanilla extract


Fold in the flour, baking powder and soda


Scoop them into the cupcake liners and plop a teaspoon of Nutella in the middle


Attempt your hardest to do an artistic swirl with a toothpick. Good luck with that as the dense Nutella ain’t budging and you’ll only end up pushing the banana batter over the edge. Or yourself..


Well, here is my best effort



Truth: I never got to eat any so I can’t really tell you the verdict first hand. No muffins left though, so I’m guessing they were passable 😛



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