Steak and Mushroom Pie

A while ago, I made my first trip to Australia to visit some friends. We did the usual koala picture-taking, hiking, visits to museums and parks. Visiting Australia doesn’t quite seem like being in a foreign land, partly because there is no foreign language to fumble through and all signs are in English. The food too is not a great departure from what I get at home. What I did fall in love with were their pies. Absolutely loved them. So on my return home, I decided to try my hand at making some.

I got the recipe from BBC’s Good Food website. The recipe called for ale but I omitted that and replaced with more broth. Tasted good enough without it so I won’t know what I’m missing!

Browning the beef cubes. The most important part, they tell me and not one to be rushed.
Mushrooms and carrots waiting their turns while the beef browns. I was very good this time. I prepared everything in advance instead of flying around the kitchen trying to do everything at the same time as I usually do



Saute the onions and carrots
The mushrooms are fried with the bacon and added to the stew just before it’s popped into the pie case and then the oven
The filling or stew with the luscious home made broth. Divine.
Make sure you flour the pie dish generously
In goes the filling
Tadaah! I know it’s all wonky but quite an achievement for me!


Can I confess that I cheated on the pastry? There, I have. I wanted short crust. I love short crust but I am simply not a pastry person. And with all those ready made vegan ones available in the market, why would I slave through knead-fold-refrigerate cycles again? I do realise the irony of writing “vegan” there when I’m talking about beef pie. I meant that there are options when making desserts for my vego friends.

What I also did differently was to cook the stew in my pressure cooker to cut down the cooking time and to make the meat soft and succulent. I let it cook for about 30 minutes after pressure was reached. I did have to thicken the stew afterwards with a corn flour slurry as pressure cooking retains the fluids unlike normal simmering.

The verdict:

This was a special request from my sister (“When are you making that pie for us?”). The family loved it. Eat warmed up with some gravy and mash.


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