Strawberry Cheesecake Streusel Muffins

What attracted me to these muffins was not their name but their appearance. A casual search on Pinterest led me to these beautiful strawberry-filled muffins. They looked positively delectable, how could I not try them out?

Cream cheese is always a joy to work with and very fulfilling in terms of outcome and flavour. Fruit of any type just tricks us into thinking the dessert is more healthy than artery-clogging. It’s a win-win situation, really.

I got this incredible recipe from The Recipe Critic.

Luscious strawberries
Cut into small pieces. Not too small though because you want to be able to appreciate the fruit when you bite into the muffin



Batter followed by strawberries, then cheesecake mix and finally my lumpy streusel.


Confession: I did not adhere strictly to the recipe. I didn’t want to use only half of the 8 oz block of cream cheese and store half of it only to be forgotten in the bowels of my fridge, so I used all 8 oz. I also failed to read the assembly instructions properly (in my unfounded fear that the batter would not be sufficient for 12 muffins) and instead of layering batter-strawberries-cheesecake-streusel-batter-cheesecake-strawberries, I did batter-strawberries-cheesecake-streusel. I’m not sure if this made any difference to the flavour but I think it made the muffin less interesting-looking. UPDATE: They did make the cupcakes bottom heavy with the batter at the bottom and cream cheese on top. It would have been far more interesting in terms of gustatory enjoyment and presentation to layer it as advised. Another problem I encountered was that my streusel came out sticky and clumpy and not resembling coarse wet sand at all! I tried adding more flour. It made it less sticky but still not the consistency that I wanted. I’ve since read up a bit and some websites suggest refrigerating the streusel. I suspect heat had dissolved the brown sugar and made it clump.

The verdict:

These muffins all disappeared in one go! Some shared a muffin, others refused to (!) but the plate was all but clean within a few minutes of being presented. They loved it (hey, cheese and strawberries were involved here – a magic combo). So A for taste and C+ for presentation (my fault).


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