Mini Peach Cobblers with Creme Anglaise

I’m trying to eat more fruit. But really, I rarely ever chomp on an apple and I laugh in the face of those bruised bananas glaring at me from the counter at Starbucks. I have discovered though that when they somehow end up in a dessert, I am less of a fruit snob.

Baby steps, ok? Canned fruit. Hee.

Diced peaches


A teaspoon of melted butter followed by two tablespoons of batter
Then a tablespoon of peaches
Topped with a sprinkle of brown sugar and cinnamon


Many have warned that the cupcakes would be a bit messy to remove from the tin but I had recently had a bad experience with some fruit-topped cupcakes sticking to the liners and accidentally being eaten so I thought I’d take a risk (with some liberal use of spray oil).

But as you can see, ’twas a semi disaster. So I ate them straight from the pan. Don’t judge me.

Here’s the link to it at The Recipe Critic.

I would suggest you cut down on the sugar in the batter as the peaches are canned in syrup (if you use canned peaches). The brown cinnamon sugar topping also adds sweetness so beware.

As an accompaniment to this cobbler, I decided to make creme anglaise. I thought it would be a nice change to vanilla ice cream. Since I had already tasted the sweetness of the cobbler, I decided to reduce the sugar in the creme to balance things off.

Here is Stephanie Jaworski’s recipe for Creme Anglaise. Absolutely sinful. When I first took up baking again after a decade-long hiatus, I discovered her website, Joy of Baking. She has wonderful, well-explained instructive videos and she even gives a brief history of the recipes. I love that. Sometimes, I can see her dog in the garden through the french doors! 😀

Well, she may give good instructions but I did everything she told me not to. Like overcook the creme over too high a heat. I got curdled anglaise. But never fear, she even anticipated that and gave instructions on how to fix it. And it worked! Pure genius.


Damn that rogue drop of creme
The final product. Which I ate. To test. Of course.

The verdict: Sweet! Well desserts are peculiar that way.


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