Spice Drawer Organisation Project

I have to admit, my spice drawer wasn’t too bad to begin with. When I first planned my kitchen, I found lovely photos of spice drawers with all the uniform bottles lying at a slightly elevated angle all within easy reach of the stove. My budget did not allow it and I wasn’t sure if I could afford all that cabinet real estate with all my kitchen utensils. My kitchen does not have overhead cabinets. A feature I was very determined I would not have. The kitchen is quite large, as kitchens go, with wraparound windows looking out to the garden. I wanted to maintain  a clutter-free open, space with plenty of natural light, something I feared overhead cabinets might prevent.

Back to my spices. I’ve accumulated quite a lot since the kitchen was open for business. At first, I pictured the VARIERA Ikea inserts would be perfect but alas, I found out that my drawers were not deep enough. The only solution was to either saw them to fit (thus reducing the number of bottles they could hold) or to place them sideways in the drawer. Please, understand, this goes against every OCD grain in my body. But I had little choice. Everything must be kept away in it’s space. No counter top clutter for me.

Sorry. My BEFORE photos aren't as horrific as you might expect
Sorry to disappoint. My BEFORE photos aren’t as horrific as you might expect.

One of many prized possessions of mine is the Dymo labeller. I just love to label. Even when I actually know where everything is in the filing cabinet in my head (although I admit I guess a lot). Good for quick identification of whatever is in that mystery box. Ideal for spices.

Here’s my trusted Dymo churning out the labels. I love label makers. Almost as much as I love shoes. Almost.


I decided to get these inexpensive magnetised containers with clear lids. Allows you see how much spice you have left and the different shades of spice make for an interesting landscape. And because to me garam masala looks like cumin looks like coriander looks like nutmeg, the labels are absolutely essential!

Looking at this brings me peace. And indeed I open the drawer just to admire it ever so often.


There was space for no more than for 4 x 5 containers so I used some tension rods to corral them in to minimise movement when I open and close the drawers. The space on the left I used for the original bottles of seasoning.


Took me a few weeks to finish this project partly because I had to go to several Daiso outlets to get enough containers.

The end result is very satisfying. I love it when things are organised. Makes life so easy. Cooking will be even more fun now!

Psst… let’s not think about the possibility of my needing more spices in the future than I have room for in that drawer. Let’s enjoy the moment (including that one empty spare container reserved for such an eventuality).


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