Tiramisu Cupcakes

I once went through a phase of my life where I craved Starbucks tiramisu. So obsessed was I with them that I would make the barristas check deep in their fridge if there were none in the display. And they were fine with it. Such great sports.

Tiramisu is like red velvet. Very fashionable and not often done right. Most of the time, they don’t use real cream. My pet peeve. I know, it’s to prolong their shelf life but come on don’t you dare call it tiramisu. Then the coffee liqueur is just too weak. So sad. But Starbucks, they had the good stuff. I mean I really thought theirs contained the good stuff. Until they changed the damned recipe and left me with bland pseudo-tiramisu.

So I decided to make my own. Cream involved though. May be a problem but let’s give it a shot.


These cupcake “fingers” were lovely and light

The entire recipe was quite involved. The cupcake itself was easy to make but the feeding of the coffee liqueur was just so time consuming. I cheated and stopped before the coffee liqueur mixture was finished despite the recipe warning me to use it all up. The recipe was right, of course. The cupcake should be well and truly saturated in the coffee liqueur to have some taste.

All assembled and topped with a generous sprinkle of cocoa powder

The cream frosting was trouble-free which was a surprise.

I got the recipe from Brown Eyed Baker.

The verdict: A few compliments on how it tasted “just like tiramisu” but I personally thought it could have used more liqueur (my fault) but the mascarpone cream was very light wih a hint of flavour. A lot of work. Might be a while before I make this again. Will probably try a different recipe that uses pre-made lady’s fingers.


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