Carrot Cupcakes

Carrot cake was the first thing I baked in my life.

I think. Or was it banana cake?

I was a student away from home for the first time and the kitchen held so much promise. And trepidation. Cooking was a lot cheaper than eating out, let me tell you. I got the recipe off a classmate and it turned out ok and I rejoiced. I have since lost that recipe but found this one on the net. Just the cake recipe, mind you. The cream cheese frosting was from my go to recipe.

I find that as I grow older (I refuse to say mature), my tastes have changed. When before I would have avoided them like the plague, these days I love my carrot cake with plenty of chunky nuts. It adds a very interesting texture to the cake. So delicious too.

Can’t quite see the nuts but they’re there. Trust me


Always one rebel in every bunch


Perfect rosettes. Not so perfect photography.

That’s better


The verdict: Top pick of my friends and family. The cream cheese frosting is a winner and goes so perfectly with the spicy nut-filled carrot cake.



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