Lemon Cupcakes

I’ve posted another recipe before which used lemon curd, Lemon Curd Cheesecake but my first attempt at a recipe using lemon curd was these lemon cupcakes. I thought the whipped cream frosting looked ever so pretty and that the curd inside would be a delightful surprise.

Again, I turned to Joy of Baking for the recipe which was so simple I had to try it.

Home made lemon curd. So easy to make and so delicious


I used an apple corer to bore holes in the cupcakes and filled them up with lemon curd.

The batter only required butter and no oil. I’m used to making cupcakes with some oil and cake flour so the eventual cupcake had a more coarse and drier texture than I was used to. However, this texture went very well with the lemon curd. I did have some of my standard vanilla cupcakes leftover and the moistness of those did not go as well with the curd.

The frosting looks like snail shells

The frosting was a little tricky for me. In the hot weather, cream is a b*tch to work with (like so many of my colleagues). Underbeat and you get liquid, overbeat for just a second and you get butter. And don’t even get me started about stabilising. I used gelatine to stabilise. Note to self: Use vegetarian alternatives next time for vegan friends.

The verdict:

Everyone loved the lemon curd and thought there should have been more in the cupcakes so next time, I’ll be boring a larger well! Personally, although the clouds of whipped cream frosting looked so lovely, I could do without the hassle or the taste. Next time, I might just glaze the top of the cupcakes with lemon curd and do without the whipped cream.


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