Raspberry Swirled Cheesecake Cupcakes

Throughout my unofficial kitchen experiment of the people at work, I have found that cream cheese always beats chocolate. Be it part of the cupcake or the frosting, people at work just prefer cream cheese to chocolate. Who would have thought? Of course my sample size was small and may be limited to a specific group of people but there you go. If I ever start a successful bakery (retirement plan) and have a bigger and more varied cohort, I will be sure to publish my findings.

These cupcakes are just so pretty. You’ll love them on sight even before the first bite.

Here comes the fun part… raspberry puree strained to remove the seeds (who likes biting into those?) about to be dropped into the batter


I really was tempted to keep them looking like a measles breakout. They just looked too cute. Feathering or marbling was fun but methinks I need a bit more practice. Would love to have them look more like those from the Cooking Classy website where I got the recipe from. Mine had a more fires-of-hell look about them.

Before baking
The final product. Hmmm… don’t know why I don’t have any pictures of them out of the pan

The verdict:

The raspberry swirls are attractive but offered only a hint of flavour to the cheesecake so don’t be disappointed. I suppose you could rectify that easily enough by adding more dollops of raspberry puree. Still, a lovely fresh and pretty cheesecake.


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