Oreo Cheesecake Cupcakes


What a match made in heaven. Oreo and cheesecake. In cupcake portions. Heart.

There are many recipes out there, all quite similar. Some suggest putting an Oreo cookie in the base which looks so brilliant and some suggest putting one on top of the frosting which was interesting. But I thought starting your bite with the soft texture of cheesecake and then ending it with the hard cookie base wasn’t quite up my alley. I’m actually not sure if the cookie would retain its texture after baking so it’s all assumption on my part. I am more of a traditionalist and would prefer the cheese-crumb combo so I went with this recipe at Brown Eyed Baker.

The recipe is actually for Oreo cheesecake bars. When I research a recipe, often times I just transform a cake recipe into cupcakes. So much easier to transport and share. There is just so much my family can eat so I bring most of my experiments to work for my colleagues. They are only too happy to be my guinea pigs. So ease of transport is crucial for me. Therefore, I turn every recipe into cupcakes.

I left out the sugar from the base because I thought surely the white centres would provide enough sweetness, which they did.

Oreo cookies as base after being pulverised in the food processor and mixed with melted butter.
Coarsely crushed Oreos. I put them in a Ziplock bag and go at them with my pestle.

Some aggression is required when bashing up the cookies for the filling but not too much or you’ll end up with powder. Think more: “car that cut you off this morning”, and less of “that (former) best friend who shamelessly flirted with your crush”.

These are cheesecakes and not regular cupcakes so fill them up to the brim. They deflate a little after cooling too.
Stick the mini Oreos in as decor so people know what they’re going to eat

Here’s the thing. This recipe yields 24 small (not regular-sized) cupcakes BUT the mini Oreos come 23 in a pack. Brilliant marketing strategy. So that last one without the mini Oreo is always MINE.

The verdict:

These cupcakes are a smash every single time I make them. People who eat them treat me like some sort of goddess who creates heavenly treats with divine skill. I am not exaggerating. Everyone just loves these. They ask for seconds, they ask for the recipe and they ask that I bake them as a gift to friends. Bake them.


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