Baking Pantry Organisation

There is something about being organised that makes you feel more in control even when other parts of your life are spinning chaotically around you. It also makes you more productive if everything is easy to find. Everything in its place and a place for everything as the saying goes.

Organisation is therapeutic. I peek into my baking pantry once in a while just to feel good, I swear to God. It’s just so reassuring.

These wire basket drawers were the main bulk of the kitchen budget but I knew I had to have them. They make everything so visible and accessible.
I found this metal basket to hook onto the back of the drawer for the smaller bottles so they don’t fall over when I open and close the metal drawers. It does the job perfectly. I love it when things just fall into place so well.

 I have no before pictures because it was pretty much the same only no labels, fewer containers and no tetris with the containers.

I prefer these Lock & Lock containers to the tupperwares with traditional lids. I love how easy they are to open and close, that they’re airtight, that they come in every shape and size and I love the reassuring clicks when the lid is secure. I need a life.

Anyway… feast your condescending eyes on my orderly, beautifully labelled baking pantry. Labels are on top for easy viewing. Clear containers tell me when I need to top up.

My KitchenAid lives on the counter just above this pantry so everything is within arm’s reach. Love that. The baking pantry was all the way across the kitchen before. I don’t know why that was but I suspect it was the closest cabinet to the kitchen entrance and, at the time, I was just so excited to start baking again that I filled it first. Well that’s been appropriately replaced with the cooking pantry now.

Next project: The spice drawer!


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