Gardenia augusta. A scent to remember

IMG_20150405_173709IMG_20150405_173511A good friend gave me this plant. I planted it by a pillar in the worst possible ground which was a mixture of leftover concrete, brick pieces and unidentified construction detritus.  It took ages to flower but when it did… wow absolutely worth the wait. The scent this flower gives off is quite intoxicating. From the initial sweetness to the deeper intense fragrance.

For some odd reason (it simply cannot be from my loving care), my gardenia has been flowering profusely. Some house guests once joked about how a blossom would appear for every visitor to the house. At the time, it proved to be true. At the present moment, I do hope it isn’t because the idea of so many unseen guests just freaks me out.

I’ve made cuttings from this plant quite easily. It is quite hardy. Doesn’t require too much water although it is partial to the morning sun. I suspect the roots have made their way to more nutritious soil beyond the construction crap the irresponsible workers left behind.

I make it a point to smell each and every gardenia blossom whenever I water the garden. Never mind the roses.


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