Why another blog?


I started this blog when I was pissed off with everyone. The initial premise was that of “lessons learnt” from being on the receiving end of other people’s bad behaviour. Three angry posts later, I lost interest (and anger) and almost allowed it to die a natural death, much like my angst.

However, always in the back of my mind, in that tiny creative corner, I’ve always wanted to put up pictorial stories of my home, a place I moved into a few years ago. All mine, to plan and create to my personal specifications. I did start a blog about it 5 years ago but, like the 4 or 5 other blogs before this, I let it slip into cyber oblivion.

So about this blog: Pictures. Of things that make me happy along with their little anecdotes. Life stories. Positive, uplifting things to preserve and to share.

So here goes…


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